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5 year- old baby, Abdusalam, needs N4million for heart surgery

By Amidu Arije

For a 5 year old, Abdulsalam Oluwatoyin, life has never been easy for him. The only period he had enjoyed good health was in his mother’s womb before his birth, afterwards, it has been from one hospital to the other for treatment.

At age 18 months, little Oluwatoyin was diagnosed of heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, but due to the paucity of the parents and lack of good healthcare system in the country, Oluwatoyin couldn’t be treated.

As time goes by, life continues to remain difficult for little Oluwtoyin as he could not breath properly nor could he eat.

The pains continue to aggravate by the day. He languished in pain on the hospital bed while hoping to get well and better soon.

According to his father, Mr Hafees Oluwatoyin, who spoke with The Bliss News, the problem started immediately when he was born, they have been managing it until they were told at age 18 months that his son’s problem is that he has hole in the heart.

Mr Oluwatoyin said they have taken him from one hospital to the other. He said they started treating him at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja, Lagos, but for their distance to the hospital, they had to take him to the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State, but they could not get treatment there as doctors were said to be on strike, they only attend to emergency cases.

Narrating the ordeal Mr Oluwatoyin said: “We noticed this from birth but we didn’t know what the problem was, we were treating him for different things, it was diagnosed later when he was 18 months old to having a hole in heart disease. Since that time we have been on it.
His mum has M lost her job because of this, she has to be with him every minute, he feels pains all over his body everytime, it has not been easy for him.
We have spent our last on him, we don’t have any money on us again, that is why we are asking Nigerians to come to our aid.

As I speak with you he is on oxygen, at the Babcock Hospital, at os at this hospital.yheu told us he will be needing N4,000, 000 for the surgery.”

According to medical doctors, for Oluwatoyin to stay healthy alive, he needs a corrective heart surgery. This will cost the parents N4,000,000 to get their lovely son back to live.

For the parents, raising this huge sum is an herculean task as they cannot afford the money. They have spent their last on hospital bills.

This is way, they are calling on Nigerians to help raise the fund to be able to carry out the surgery, so that Oluwatoyin’s hope of staying alive again will be achieved.

For donations and contacts see details below

Account Details
Acc. No.- 0422959910

08149089245 (Munwarrah)

As at the time of filing this report, N1,020,000 has been raised leaving a balance of N2,980,000.

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