After Every Pandemic…

By Zaynab Oyedeji

The world has experienced quite a number of pandemics in the past.
Like Spanish Flu of 1918, Ebola Virus of 2013 and now, Covid19…
But we ask ourselves, after the ones that have passed, How do we live our lives?.
Do we still take care of our personal hygiene?
Do we still remember the less privileged?
Do we still pity those that are sick?
Do we still watch what we eat?
We forget important things.
We don’t wash our hands at intervals,
We don’t watch what we put in our mouth,
We don’t give the needy until they ask and even when they do, we turn a blind eye sometimes,
We look at the sick like its their fault they are in that condition.
The people in power don’t care about their citizens except when ethe lection is coming up.
They embezzle funds like it’s their heirloom.
They trample on citizen’s lives like they own it.
Doctors forget their responsibilities and treat patients according to how influential you are, not how serious your illness is.
Employers owe their employees on purpose without a recourse
Parents neglect their responsibilities on their wards.
And so on…
But let’s ask ourselves again, if we continue helping ourselves, doing what is right, being careful of what we eat or do before and after pandemics, what would happen?
Of course, The world would be peaceful and people would live happily and when we face another pandemic, we take care of it immediately since we’ve been doing our responsibilities before it.
Why must we wait for pandemics before we become humans?
Let’s inject the world with humanity before and After Every Pandemic…

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