Muslim NGO pays courtesy visit to Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

The Believing Women (Al Muminaat) Ikeja Branch has paid courtesy visit to the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for persons with disabilities in Majidun, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The purpose of the visit, according to Hajiya Khadijah Abdul Salam, a member of the organisation was to, “check on them and make them realized that they aren’t abandoned in the society and are remembered as fellow human beings too”.

The Vice Principal of the Home, Mrs Lawal Mutiat revealed that the admission into the centre can be through referral or through guardians or parents.

She buttressed further that there are 7 different vocations in the centre: tailoring, bead making, show making, tye and dye, hair dressing, amongst other two.

Mrs Marayesa, the Principal of the centre buttressed that the home is all about rehabilitation and skill acquisition for disabled persons from age 15 and above.

She also informed the visitors about the efforts of the government in providing for each and every need of the home including the support from other people too.

In her words, “Lagos State is encouraging people with disabilities to learn a trade so they can be self reliant”.

When asked about the fate of the trainees after graduating from the home, Mrs Marayesa said that the government empowers the graduands with things they could use to run a start-up for the trade/skill they graduated from.

Hajiya Khadijah also advised other organizations to support and assist the homes in addition to the government’s.

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