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Alimosho APC Youths pass votes of confidence on Enilolobo

For his youth-centric policies to party politics, the youths in Alimosho Federal Constituency have passed a vote of confidence on Alhaji Abdullah Enolobo as the leader of the party in the Constituency.

The youths came out en mass to affirm their confidence in the leadership of Alhaji Enilolobo stating that no place in Nigeria has experienced the Youth support as it exists currently in Alimosho.

The youth said 95 per cent of Supervisory councillor seats in Alimosho are occupied by the youth, the entire councillors in Alimosho are youth, five out of the six Secretary to Local Government are youth, three council chairmen are youth, one of the House of Assembly member is a youth, the two-state cabinet members from Alimosho are youth, youth cannot achieve this without the support of youth-centric Enilolobo.

The spokesperson of all the 36 wards and six LGA youth president, Comrade Agoro Ismail reaffirm the youth support for Alhaji Enilolobo. Agoro said, “Alimosho remains a working example of what Nigerian youths are calling for”.

The party youths said it is imperative for them to come out to reiterate their support for the performing leadership of Enilolobo. They said the administration of Enilolobo has brought hope to the youth and like never before they youth have been given the opportunity to lead the people of Alimosho, the future is bright with the strategy of Enilolobo leadership

Alhaji Abdullah Enilolobo is the APC apex leader of Alimosho Federal Constituency and Organizing secretary of APC, Lagos State.

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