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Alimosho Council Boss, Jelili, Democracy Day Message to Residents

The chairman of Alimosho Local government, Hon Sulaiman Jelili has congratulated residents of the council and Nigerians in general on the occasion of the country’s democracy day celebration.

Jelili while congratulating Nigerians called for peaceful coexistence for societal development in the country.
His full speech reads below.

Democracy Day: Let us embrace peace and progress

It is a new day and another moment of reflection on our past, the success, the progress and how long we have come in the strive towards making our land and people great.

Today, we are here as a country and a people, reflecting on governance and our future as a democratic nation. No doubt we have come a long way, there is room to learn, unlearn and relearn in our journey towards greatness.

My dearest people of Alimosho, there is no better time to be an ambassador of peace than now, our collective safety, progress and development lies in making peace with ourselves and others.

As a government, we will continue to support the various security parastatals in our community. We will continue to provide conducive environment for our people to strive.

Our commitment remains firm on providing infrastructure such as good roads, schools, primary health center among others.

No development occur in a warring environment. Let us work together to keep our community and nation at peace.

Once again I congratulate us all as we celebrate 2021 Democracy Day.

Hon. Jelili Sulaiman
Executive Chairman of Alimosho Local Government

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