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Bolsonaro says he feels ‘very well’ after using hydroxychloroquine

Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, is now feeling much better from his isolation centre after being tested positive for the coronavirus three days ago.

The 65 year old Brazilian President had contracted COVID-19 after flouting social distancing rules and other guidlines laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO) in combating the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Brazil is one of the World’s worst corona virus affected country with the death toll of 69,184 on Thursday. The president had dismissed the fact that the virus was real earlier on and continued to attack lockdown measures implemented by some of the governors in the state and called for businesses to reopen.

After being tested positive for corona virus, Bolsonaro said on Facebook on Thursday that he feels ‘very well’ after using hydroxychloroquine- a drug originally used for malaria which effectiveness has not been proven by scientists as a cure for COVID-19.

“I am saying this very clearly, I took hydroxychloroquine and it worked, and I’m fine, thank God. And let those who criticise it at least offer an alternative”, he said but however denied making propaganda for hydroxychloroquine.

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