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Bugaje emphasises importance of competence, not tribalism in nation-building

By Amidu Arije

A former member of the House of Representatives, Dr Usman Bugaje, has competency in governance is the only driving force that can take Nigeria to a greater height.

Bugaje said in whatever we do as a nation competency should be given the desired focus, not ethnicity or tribalism.

The former lawmaker explained that competence and not tribe or zone should be used to determine who leads the country.

Bugaje who spoke on Sunday during the 26th Annual Pre-Ramadan Lecture organised by the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni (UMA) on ‘Though Tribe and Tongue May Differ: Interrogating Nigeria’s Nationhood’, noted that policies must be put in place to benefit the coming generations.

He said, “The problem that we are facing is not unique to Nigeria. It is understandable because colonialism influences the crafting of a lot of African countries.

“We have to manage diversity and resource sharing. We have mixed up so many things. We need to come back and clarify many issues.

“The elite that needs to guide the country is not clear on a number of issues. We tend to confuse unity and uniformity. There is no society that is completely homogenous.

“There is a lack of trust. We have failed to develop an elite consensus. You find conflict where there should be none. Sometimes, we just denigrate each other because we don’t understand ourselves.

“We need to put policies that can help us in place. The National Orientation Agency could have done a lot of work. I cannot understand why NOA can’t be used to talk to citizens.

“The elite must come together and create a consensus on some of the big issues in this country.

“We should not be led by the limited vision of politicians. Most of their visions do not go beyond the next election. We must be thinking of the next generation.

“Debating who is going to be president is silly. This is primitive, it is a shame. How Nigeria can realise its potential and others are issues we should be debating.

“If you take a flight, you are after competence and safety and not the tribe of the pilot.”

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