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COVID-19 latest updates around the world: over 21.6 infected globally

Global caseload tops 21.6 million with more than 13 million recoveries and nearly 774,300 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University data

India’s COVID-19 death tally exceeds 50,000, nearly 2.65 million infections

Australia records 25 deaths and 282 new cases in the last 24 hours

United States death toll tops 170,000 with more than 5.4 million infections and 1.8 million recoveries

China grants its first COVID-19 vaccine patent

Germany’s caseload increase by 561 to 224,014

Michelle Bolsonaro, Brazil’s first lady tests negative for COVID-19

South Korea records 197 new infections

Mexico’s COVID-19 cases increase to 522,162 and 56, 757 death tally

China records 22 new cases

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