Eze Ndigbo accepts Jude Idimogu as Apex leader in Lagos

The Chairman Eze Ndigbo in Lagos State, Eze Dr. Christian Nwachukwu, the Ndiezes and other stakeholders have restated their endorsement of Hon. Jude Idimogu as their new Apex Leader, dissociating the Ohaneze Chairman Solomon Ogbonna from the development, being a social cultural group.

Eze Nwachukwu, while speaking at a press conference addressed by Hon.Jude idimogu at the Eze’s Palace in Isolo noted that the endorsement of Idimogu as the Apex Leader, was because of the need to give Igbos the relevance they deserve in the political structure of the state, as the previous leader was not reaching out to the grassroots.

He said, ”We have not seen a genuine mobilization of Igbos since Pastor Ben Akabueze left for Abuja and Igbos are self reliant people doing well in their various fields.

“We will not allow an individual to give us a bad name in APC, we can see in Jude Idimogu humility, self respect and dignity and irrevocably guaranteed that a new leader has emerged.
“We said it, we believe it and will defend it, because we need restructuring in Ndigbo APC Lagos State.
“We have Ndigbos in elective and appointed positions in time past who denied us the benefits, if not APC won’t clamour we didn’t vote them.
“We have to galvanize prior elections to get our people together, mobilising our people to prepare and integrate themselves with non-indigenes to give Ndigbos succour.
“Ohaneze don’t play politics but the Ndiezes who are the traditional leaders does, we have done it, the President Solomon Ogbonna was really not involved but we declared Jude there at our secretariat being traditional leaders.
”We have seen bad leadership before,that is why we have endorsed him as our new Apex Leader and it remains so,we want him to look for other elected and appointed and bring them together for the good of all.

The new Apex Leader of the Ndigbos, who doubles as the lawmaker representing Oshodi Isolo constituency II at Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Idimogu in his acceptance speech notes that he has always being concerned about the state of things in the political circles as the Ndigbos are not getting what they really deserved.

”I have not always being a happy man in Lagos State because our brothers are not getting what they deserve even in government.
I assure you by the grace of God today is a new beginning for all Igbos in Lagos. Ndigbo in APC as we are self made people and deserve respect from our leaders.
“It is not true that Igbo doesn’t like APC but success is linked to type of leadership, Asiwaju Tinubu’s wisdom and tenacity has transformed AD to APC,a great feat.
“APC Ndigbos were not doing much because the leadership are taking the ordinary Igbo man for granted.
“Most Igbos voted against APC,because the former leader betrayed their trust,I plead with the leadership of APC to give us the necessary support,we want to start working now.” Said Idimogu.

Earlier the National President Igbo Mandate,Prince Anselem Udoka laying more credence to the decision made by the Ndigbo traditional leaders and other stakeholders notes that the real reasons why Igbos have distanced themselves from the APC is because they don’t like being insulted by Dr Joe Igbokwe.

”Ndigbo today say enough is enough,when somebody has been in position for over 21 years,we have come to tell the world the leadership of Igbos in Lagos APC like Joe Igbokwe did not reach ground. Jude is now the Apex Leader of Ndigbos in APC.

We are assuring the government of Lagos State, that what we are trying to do is to bring Igbos together for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu before 2023.

“We beg Honourable Jude for years before he accepted so as to touch the grassroots unlike one leadership who doesn’t know how to talk. We Ndigbos in APC are strongly behind him.
Igbos in Lagos have been distancing themselves from being insulted by Igbokwe not APC,” he said.

Chief John Onyebuchi former leader of another Igbo group who corroborated all said by Udoka, notes that there is no more opposition in Lagos State with respect to Ndigbos.
”APC had no opposition again our new Apex leader never insulted me back then even when I confronted him, he handles the situation with respect.
“If Joe Igbokwe is popular let him go and contest, Igbos have been watching and knows that a day like this will come, you don’t insult anybody leave trouble for us”.

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