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FRSC cautions road users against reckless driving

By Zaynab Oyedeji

The Federal Road Safety Corps, Lagos Route Commander, Ayodele J. Ologun, has cautioned commercial drivers and other road users to take precautions while driving on the roads to avert accidents.

Ayodele who spoke at the World Mental Health Day 2020 organised by the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ikeja local branch, held at the Marriage Registry Hall of the Ikeja Local Government stated that if drivers take necessary precautions, Nigeria roads will be free of accidents which have hitherto been on the high side.

He said the job of driving requires health alertness saying anyone who wants to drive must he mentally stable before embarking on the journey.

“Mental health is very important to drivers. Driving is a job meant for those with a brave heart. People that can think fast, people with high Intelligence Quotient. The eyes will look at the object, take it to the brain, process it and send impulse either to turn steering or hold the brake. And this must be done within microseconds”.

Speaking on how to avoid road crashes, Ayodele said individial drivers needs to be careful and drive to correct errors of others.

He said, “Drive to assume that everyone is a mad man. Assume that every driver plying the road may not be normal so don’t get into a clash with him. If someone is driving and facing you on your own lane,commiting an error, yours is to correct by slowing down and giving him way to go. If you resist and hit each other, you will not be able to go, he will not be able to go too”.

“As a driver plying the road, you don’t own the road. You can only have right of way and if you are deprived, deal with it calmly.”

“Your ultimate reason for staying on the road is to get to your destination safely. You might arrive where you don’t want to be when you aren’t calm”, he buttressed.

According to him, a driver shouldn’t allow his/her safety to be determined by the action or inaction of other road users. He said, “If you can’t see anything ahead and someone beckons you to come and you follow, it might be fatal”.

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