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COVID-19: Hairdressers lament low patronage, income, beg government for assistance

By Kaosara Ayinde

Business has not remain the same since the coronavirus pandemic raised its ugly head in the country early this year. It got worsen when the Federal and State Governments declared a total lockdown. Many businesses folded up. Many downsized. Some slashed staff salary by half.

While some others couldn’t pay staff salaries because of the negative effects the unprepared and planned for virus hit the whole world hard.

One of the worst hit small businesses is the hairdressers who rely on people to eke a living when they come to make their hairs daily.

Life was expected to begin when the total lockdown was partially lifted, but according to them, it has remained the same, in fact for some of them, it is worst than they were before the coronavirus.

Ususally, in Oshodi communities, the hairdrressers charge between N500 – N1,000 for small hairdo styles before the COVID-19 set in, but now they have to struggle to get customers as the customers too have no money to make hair, hence, they reduce the charges from what used to operate to mitigate against not having anything to do at all.

Our correspondent who visited some communities in Mafoluku, Oshodi to know how they are fairing reported that many of them have been put in limbo as a result of this coronavirus.

Lamenting the situation, an hairdresser, Mrs Racheal said she has to make do with the price her little customers offer her to make ends meet.

According to her, ceremonies are not allowed yet and that is what make them have more customers because people will always come to make hair for such occasions.

She said; “When lockdown was enforced the businesses in the community was shut down and make lots of people who depend only on their business go hungry. During the lockdown, businesses crashed and put the owner at a great risk.
After the lockdown was lifted, businesses in the community became fair, but still put the owners in fear. We get worried for the monthly rents we will have to pay even when we are not coming to shop. Our stocks go down and customers are not coming like before. Sales is not like before, because most things that bring in money for them are still locked”.
Adding: “we manage with what our customers offer us as payment for hairdo because we need momey. We also know that the customers too have no money. Since the government has not allowed ceremonies in the state, we are still finding it very difficult in community to make ends meet”.

She called on the government at all levels to come to their aid to revive small scale businesses in the community to help them grow.

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