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Written by Maryam Alli

Sadly, how society painted the world for us, making us believe life was all about happy moments, parties, fun catching and friend-making. How would we have known life wasn’t what they told and showed us? What would have made us know life was all about ups and downs? Indeed we were ignorant!.

The memory is very much still afresh, God I was so stupid and naive. Smiles…perhaps I deserve this condition I find myself. If and only if I saw the real picture of life before it was too late. Perhaps it was destined anyway.

Growing up as a smart and loving child, my parents showered me with so much love and care. Providing my needs and giving me the best. I was so little and innocent.

Life with my parents never made me know what sorrow was. I was always happy and satisfied.

Growing up was a lot of fun, I made a lot of friends who also had the same lifestyle as me. We party, catch funs and gist. Tanimola Sarah was my best friend, a spoilt girl from a wealthy home. Of course, we never had a clash as we both had similar things in common.

Securing admission wasn’t difficult, or what is it that money can’t buy here in this country of ours? Absolutely nothing!.

At first, attending lectures was fun and interesting but later very tiring as activities got burdensome. I could no longer cope with the class so I started skipping lectures. I go on shopping instead and party with my friends. We lived a carefree life.

The examination was around the corner and I wasn’t prepared. I never attended lectures nor go for tutorials. How would I go about writing my examinations? Deep within me, I knew I failed already. But, I can’t just accept that fact. I need to become a lawyer! I love the wig on my aunt whenever she wears her coat. The day she was called to the bar, I could still remember how the event went. My aunt was the youngest of them and she looked quite promising. But, how will I go about this exam? I mustn’t fail.

My mind went to Feyi, my friend who we party together. I decided to put a call through her.

What?! Feyi! Cult group?! I screamed as I look at the lady sitting in bed with me. So my so-called friend is a cultist, how did I not know this? And she is asking of me to join all because I want success in my exam. Of course, I wasn’t a Godly person but I never liked cultism because of their activities. What would I do now? Perhaps it’s not as deadly as I think of it, I should give it a try anyway. I so thought.

The initiation wasn’t much of a great ceremony, now I am a cult member too.

Feyi wow! How did you do it? I screamed as I stare at the G.P before me, 4.8!. This is more than a piece of great news.

My last result was bad as my G.P was very low. I hugged her as I couldn’t hide my joy.

Sandra! Well, it’s a small thing. Anyways, we are to meet tonight, you know? We have an operation with other members tonight.

Hmm…I sighed as memories flow, recalling past events. That night! That night was my destruction! That night was what brought me to the state I am today.

Ahhh! I shouted as I looked at the body lying lifeless on the ground before me. With the gun in my hand, I looked at Feyi, she has just taken a life. I was still in shock and didn’t realize the presence of the police cop. Gun down! the scream of the cop brought me back to my senses.

I looked around and realized Feyi and others flew already. I am doomed! They all left me.
You are hereby arrested and will be charged to the court of law for murder, the cop said as he handcuffed me.

It was the end for me as I was sentenced to life imprisonment despite my parents’ efforts. Who knew my friend would be the cause of my downfall, despite how we whined and dined together!.

I was so into life and didn’t realize what life was in the actual sense. If I have the chance, never will I venture into that kind of lifestyle again. I learnt the greatest lesson of my life. Life was indeed above ups and downs.

Indeed that scenario was ‘the biggest lesson of my life’.

Maryam Alli is a Senior Secondary School 3, Science Department, student of Ikhwan College, Oshodi, Lagos.

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