Inner Wheel District 912 Nigeria empowers small scale business women, gifts the old food palliatives, pupils school materials

By Amidu Arije

No fewer than 25 small scale business women in Arigbawonowo, Mowe Ogun State, were empowered with different trade items by the Inner Wheel District 912 Nigeria on Monday, 21 September, 2020.

The women were empowered with various small scale business tools they are doing. They all smiled home as they recieved baskets full of pepper, tomatoes and onions, rice, beans and garri as support to grow their business.

Those in the groceries categories went home with packs of noodles, biscuits, soft drinks and lots more.

According to the Inner Wheel District 912 Chairman, Mrs Ronke Solomon, the gesture was meant upscale the locals business that will make them self substance.

“The small scale empowerment programme is meant to assist women who are into business but struggling to raise enough funds for their businesses. We believe that helping them grow their business is helping them to eke a living, which goes a long way in bringing succour to families and societies, this eventually brings peaceful co-existence.” She said.

She said the club will supervise their activities to ensure that what they were given is properly utilised for their development.

She said, “These women will also be monitored in their business, we will not just empower them and leave them alone, we will from time to time monitor their activities to ensure that they are progressing in their businesses.

Also on the occasion, the aged in the community were given food palliatves to help them mitigate against their old age challenges and the effect of the COVID-19 in the country.

She said: “We have also identified the need for the elderly to be cared and catered for, that is why we choose today to party with our aged ones to give them succour and enliven thier spirits. We will be giving them food materials in order for them to be happy again.”

Following the Inner Wheel club activities at ensuring every child goes to school, the club aslo distributed various school materials to pupils of Arigbawonowo Primary school.

“It is no doubt that the future of tomorrow is the youth, that is why we have set out with our heart to give these youths lead way to go, and this we are doing through this distribution of educational materials here today to the students of Arigbawonwo Primary School.”

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