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International Youth leader calls for visionary leadership

By Amidu Arije

The President of the International Youth Parliament (IYP), Hon. Promise Anurika Nwadigos, has said the problem Nigeria is facing is lack of visionary leadership.

Nwadigos said when there is lacuna in the leadership style of a country such country is dead.

“When a nation leadership is dead and no longer firing on all development cylinders, it losses momentum and traction at the same time,” he said.

Stating further, the parliamentarian said the absence of efficient leadership will bring about chaos in the political and governance system.

He said, “All components will grind out of alignment and assume dysfunctional and chaotic mode of internal disequilibrium and noise.”

“When the leadership of a country is allowed to degenerate and tread on the path of perpetual retrogression, no amount of efforts and resources expended on overhauling the engine room can revert the enshrined rot, nor reverse the impending implosion.”

Nwadigos, however, profers solution to leadership problems in the country as he said there is a need for replacement of bad leadership in the country.

He said, “The way forward, therefore, is to replace the leader, not repair his leadership prime-mover, the way forward is to phase lift, not to face-lift.”
“It is high time we said no to fraudulent governance that favours face-lifting propagandas and only offers cosmetic development and solutions to health, education, security, economy among others.”

“Now is the time for a total and overall phase lifting of all spheres of our existence as a country that yarns to truly become an independent nation.
Our losses over the year is no longer a problem of leadership leakages but that of leadership drainages. To avoid degenerating down to leadership tsunami, we need to wake up as the largest economy in Africa and take action against bad leadership and governance today.”

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