Justice for all Rape victims

By Zainab Muftau

Where is safe for the female in Nigeria, especially the girl child? Why should we be the only one facing this evil act? Why!!

When will our voices be heard and laws made and followed to protect us and our rights? When will men stop raping, violating and hurting us? When will we be free to live our life without being afraid that men will attack us? When will the society stop blaming us for the injustice and the brutally we experience? When will the society stop trying to stifle us?

My heart is indeed heavy at the thought of what the female child were subjected to. I can imagine the fear those victims experiences as they were being chased, harrased, shoved and also their clothe been torn with different hands prying into the most intimate parts of their bodies, as these deranged boys were trying to have their way on them.

How could these adolescent, leaders of tomorrow have given in so wantonly and shamelessly to their animalistic desires without a thought for the pain and shame they were melting out to the female child? Without a thought to the repercussions of their actions? Are we now living in the world where everything is free for all.
How do you expect those victims to live with the fear of being raped or harrased looming over their heads daily?

Is it a crime to be born a female? Why must we always fight to be seen, heard, protected and treated right? Why does it have to hurt so much to be a female?
There must be justice for those girls. Female child being molested and being de-humanised in the full glare of everyone should spark public outrage. Let justice be made for the victims.









Written by MoReNike Zainab Muftau

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