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Kendoo and his giant strides in Oshodi

At a time when politicking in Oshodi-Isolo local government was a top roof waiting for an explosion, a man, Otunba Kehinde Adeola Almoroof Oloyede, popularly known as kendoo thronged in. To many, he was coming to ignite the already tensed situation, mistrust and doubts pervade the political serene of the council with no one having a clear view or direction of where the political pendulum was going.

With doubts in their minds and faces resonating fear, a man of vision and mission assured the entire political stalwarts in the local government that he has a definite vision and focus with a big heart of given clear directions to where the local government will be.

He asked them to entrust him with the party ticket, in the end, he was sluggishly handed the ruling party’s ticket as some caucuses within the party still struggle to ensure he doesn’t get it.

As a man of peace and large the heart, he eventually won the primary ticket to flag the party banner at the local government elections. Having won the primary ticket, Kendoo extended warmest hands of fellowship to his co-contestants with many accepting the hands of fellowship, while some though with reasons best known to them stood aloof and never participated nor join him during the electioneering campaign.

In his usual characteristic, he still made his doors open for whosoever among the left minorities to join him.

When he eventually won the local government election, Oloyede still called on all party stalwarts who perhaps felt aggrieved in one way or the other to sheath their sword and join him in his vision to transform Oshodi into the ‘Oshodi of our dream’ for generations yet unborn to appreciate and enjoy.

He made promises during the electioneering campaign, this to citizens was another ‘mirage’ to them as many politicians have in past made the same promises if not more, but always end up doing nothing, so the political apathy became another challenge that must be surmounted to be able to convince the masses that he will not be like previous administrations that promise but never fulfilled it.

Oloyede promised them and asked for their trust and vote in the elections that if he wins, a lot of positive changes will come to Oshodi. He promised to make 20 roads available within the first 100 days in office, transform health care sectors and better improve education sectors that everyone will envy. All these to them were still in doubt as they cannot fathom it, given their previous experiences with politicians.

Oloyede true to his words and vision of a greater and well being of Oshodi-Isolo and its people on his election victory and eventual assumption of office, hit the ground running with massive roads rehabilitation and pipe-borne water drilling and installation projects across all wards of the local government.

The council chairman met a deplorable roads condition with almost all roads within the local government have become non-motorable. Residents have been yearning for a government that will have their plights at heart. True to his electioneering campaign to bring unprecedented infrastructural development to Oshodi, he has commenced rehabilitation of roads which will be delivered in a short while to celebrate his 100 days in office as he promised he would deliver 20 roads to the admiration of the residents in his first 100 days.

In his less than 2 months in office, many of his campaign promises have begun to manifest as roads projects have started massively with many near completion. Pipe borne hole water drilling have reached 70% across all wards within the council jurisdiction.

The desire to better state of the health sector in the local government has also made Oloyede order for new ambulances to be given to the various primary health centres within the local government,while efforts are in top gear to stock the PHCs with drugs and necessary equipments.

He doesn’t neglect the better welfare condition of the members of staff as he promised them 2 new staff buses to commute them to and fro office daily. He does not stop at that, as he has increased the salary of non-pensionable staff members to a more reasonable amount from their initial N10,000 take home.

The educational sector caught his fancy as he distributed General Certificate of Education (GCE) forms yo indigent but brilliant students in the local government to the admiration of the parents and guardians of the students..

The elders equally benefited from his benevolence as he gave them food rations inorder to alleviate their situation as he asserted that they served the local government meritoriously and they should be catered for in their old age.

More importantly,widows in the local government have equally being reached out to by Otunba Oloyede, who barely a month in office, gave them grant to support their trades and businesses. The widows expressed appreciation for the kindness of the council boss.

Oshodi has turned to a construction site as many residents have started appreciating and thanking the council chairman for keeping to his words. It is indeed a promise made, a promise kept.

He has continuously stated that the good of the people will occupy his mind and will ensure he delivers on his promises.

The leaders and elders of his party are happy as he carries them in the day to day administration of the local government, unlike what was obtainable in the past.

Conclusively, he has been given another sobriquet by residents owing to his exemplary conduct in office,he has been named “Mr Project, Mr Fix It, Project himself ,Talk and do etc, just to appreciate his passion for the development of his council.
All hail Mr Project. A new Oshodi is possible with a person like Kendoo.

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