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Kendoo and his love for development

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When he threw his hat into the ring to run for the exalted position of the chairman of Oshodi-Isolo local government about two years ago, many people, especially politicians, never believed Otunba Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede can ever emerge.

While on the early contact and interface with several political actors in both the local government and the state at large, he made it abundantly clear that his aspiration is not about what to eat but the development of his place of birth and place of abode, he emphasized that as a true son of the soil, he is challenged by the deplorable conditions of the roads, the dearth of infrastructure and above all, absence of social amenities.

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He made it crystal clear that if given the mandate of leadership, he will restore the lost glory of the local government and place it rightly where it belongs.

Pessimists still doubted his sincerity, while other aspirants were waiting and requesting endorsement of godfathers, Kendoo in his characteristics manner for success, sprang into action, intensifying his meeting with critical stakeholders of the party across the caucuses and wards of the local government and was adopted by virtually all the caucuses, thus the smooth sail to victory at the primary election.

Immediately he emerged as candidate of the party, Kendoo, in his usual unique approach to electoral contests, extended hands of fellowship to co-aspirants, maintaining that he will run an inclusive government and call for all hands on deck to actualise his aspiration for the council.

Making real his inclusive government, he immediately co-opted them into his Independent Campaign Group (ICG) and majority of them in fairness joined the train and worked assiduously during the campaign and eventual victory.

On his assumption of office, he made it a point of duty to intimate his close aides and other political allies that his emergence has been divine intervention and his major interest now will be fulfilling his electoral promises of developing Oshodi-Isolo, and that he is not leaving any stone unturned in his quest to develop the local government.

To actualize part of his campaign promises, he ordered to construction of twenty boreholes in all the wards.

Kendoo commenced his giant strides by promising to rehabilitate twenty roads to celebrate his one hundred days in office, this was taken with a pinch of salt by several nay sayers, but already ten of the roads awarded and work to commence next week.

The Oshodi isolo council boss in his inaugural meeting with the staff and in tandem with his transformational agenda and in solidarity with the workers in his council area, announced the procurement of three staff buses to ameliorate their transportation problem, which has been hindering their performances. At the meeting, he made it known that he won’t tolerate docility on the part of the workers, so in that regard also, he, as chairman has done his part by the provision of the three buses.

During his visit to the primary health centres in the local government, Kendoo has equally reiterated his determination to develop the clinics to a mini hospital where he and his household can be treated, to prevent medical tourism. He said the council has qualified medical personnel that can conveniently run the hospital,but inadequate facility has been hampering their performance, a situation he vows to correct.

To honour his pledge on the clinics, he has just posted on his Facebook page, the purchase of three ambulances for the clinics, thus reverting the ugly trend of the past, the vehicles are expected in the country any moment from now. This development has put to end era of empty promises in the annals of Oshodi-Isolo politics.

Otunba Oloyede did not stop at that as he has in less than 30 days into office gave free GCE forms to students within the council with a promise to revamp education sector at the grassroot.
Just as he gave out the GCE forms, the council helmsman also empowered widows and gave food packages to the aged in the community. To nay sayers, it is what has he done? Judging a that has not spent two months in office on the negative, someone who had started well in shaping things positively for the council. Oloyede has vowed to remain effervescent in bringing unprecedented infrastructural development to Oshodi-Isolo local government to te admiration all.

Realizing the available resources at the local government might not be able to achieve his dreams, he has established contact with the state government, through the ministry of works in putting into proper shapes, the bad roads network in the local government. In show of solidarity for kind heart gesture of Kendoo, another son of the soil in the ministry of housing has been supportive, by assuring him of the able assistance of the government in rehabilitation of state government roads regularly.

Looking at his clear vision for development and his positive drive for it, it’s a matter of time, that a new Oshodi-Isolo of his dream will be a reality even to political adversaries.

Kendoo has come to redeem the situation and return the glory of Oshodi-Isolo back, so let us join him to achieve the desired results.

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