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Lagos Ex-Commissioner, AbdulLateef, urges Nigerians to be agents of positive change

A former Lagos Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, has urged Nigerians to be agents of positive change in their various communities.

The ex-commissioner stated this on Saturday while speaking on the theme ‘Allah will not change your condition until….’ at Oshodi Tafsir organised by Oshodi Tafsir-ur-Quran.

AbdulLateef said, for Allah to change the current state of insecurity, hunger and economic woes confronting the country, individuals and governments at all levels must be ready to change their unholy behaviours and turn to Allah wholeheartedly.

He said, “Nigeria is like a country Allah said of in the Quran, that was blessed with riches but they turned away from the dictates of Allah, the leaders embezzle money and enriched themselves corruptly, then Allah inflict upon them, fear, hunger and insecurity.

It is not Allah that caused all these but you who refuse to follow the teachings of Allah. If Allah inflicts on you pains, no one can remove it except Allah, but if you inflict pains on yourself, it is you who will work to change it for the better by avoiding what Allah has asked you not to do.

You must follow what Allah asked you to do and avoid all that he has asked you to move away from. We must stop all be agents of positive change, we must stop atrocities on the land, it is only through these that our prayers will be accepted.

Those of you in the position of authority that misuse it, will be asked to account for your stewardship. O you judge who perpetrated injustice against the ordinary citizens, you will be punished by Allah for it, a police officer who turns a case against the suspect and ordinary citizens in the country will be asked.”

The former commissioner said anyone who wants something from Allah must adhere strictly to His teachings and worship Him as He has prescribed.

He said, “If you ask anything from Allah you must, first of all, obey instructions of Allah. Allah says, ‘If you remember me, I will remember you, if you change your attitude for better, I will change your condition for better’. If you are asking for right, you must fulfil Allah’s rights upon you, these are the only ways through which you get your prayers answered”.

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