Our parrots have kept mute for long, to the extent the owners thought they were dumb! What a great joy visited my heart, when the parrots decided to speak up. Yes! Our land of aged 60 can’t continue to be barren of achievements. So, there’s need to request for a better home. But my question is, why burning down the house which its lack of good roof prompted us to yell?

I imagined that my brother got killed by SARS, then I told myself “Many will follow”. Then, I also imagined that my father was one of the police men that got killed, then I said “Many youths will die!”. Then, another question pumped up, “Will the family of those youths I intend to kill, stay calm too?”. Then, I realised, wrongs do not correct wrongs, but lead to destruction!

Neither do I say this wasn’t a peaceful protest at the outset nor do I say, it wasn’t hijacked by thugs. But sincerely, this really happens when one acts without foresight and insight.

What do we really want? All the people in SARS or SWAT should be sacked? What do you expect their families to feed on? Ok, we don’t care about that. But, I’m sure we will care if they turn to armed robbers threatening our lives! Remember, a tamed lion is better than the loosen one.

What do we really want? Buhari and everyone there should resign? Who do you want there? You? Or who? Can we just be sincere with ourselves for a minute? You’ve never involved in any means of corruption? You’ve never involved in examination malpractice? You’ve never embezzled money in your place of work? As a commercial driver, you’ve never increased transportation fee, just because people were in a hurry or in discomfort? As a youth you’ve never involved in fraud?

Many will find it difficult to answer my question . Yet, we never yell to end those mischievous acts we involve in. Neither I’m I saying Buhari shouldn’t resign, nor do I say we shouldn’t protest. My question, is he only the problem or all of us? Apparently, some of the youths whom we’ve refused to protest against their mischievous acts from the outset, hijacked our peaceful protest.

Now, to the governments. When a child misbehaves, will his father kill him? No matter the situation, killing the protesters will never stop the protest. The zeal to fight is there, your actions will keep instigating them to react. Until you stop the killing, apologise and listen to them, the riot tends to continue.

In conclusion, contrary to other youths’ sayings, If my son asked for my role in 2020 protest, I will say “I refused to wallow in my youthful exuberance and requested for a peaceful settlement, so you won’t be given birth into ashes”.

Najmudeen Mustopha Olorunwa (S-one), is a graduate of the National Broadcast Academy, Ikeja Lagos.

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