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Man destroys Muslim Hospital in Osun over suspected COVID-19 brother’s death

….. + Pictures of scene destroyed at the Hospital

It was a pandemonium scene at the Muslim Hospital in Ede, Osun State, over the weekend as a suspected coronavirus patient, Mutiu Olawuyi, who was brought to the hospital for treatment died in the process.

Olawuyi was said to be a civil servant with the Osun State ministry of health.

After the news of Olawuyi’s death was broke to his younger brother, Ayo Olawuyi, and was informed of the hospital management decision to conduct autopsy on his late brother to ascertain his COVID-19 status, it was said that he disagreed with the hospital.

A source at the hospital revealed that the deceased died shortly after he was admitted into the hospital, in which the Director of the Hospital, Dr Moshood Akanbi, insisted on conducting autopsy on the corpse.

Dr Akanbi in his narration of the sitaitaion said:
“Mr Mutiu Olawuyi was rushed to the emergency unit of our hospital by his brother, Ayo, around 9:19 pm on Friday.

“Medical personnel on duty swiftly attended to the patient because he was in a critical condition. He was put on oxygen as a means of stabilization.

“However, despite several efforts of the doctors and other health practitioners, the patient succumbed to death within ten minutes of his admission.

“The deceased brother, then started terrorizing and assaulting the staff as well as other patients on admission.

“He destroyed some hospital equipment and the Camry car of his late brother”.

As part of effort to stop his vandalisation and terrorising act, Dr Moshood said he contacted B Division of the Nigeria Police Force located in Ede, and Police came immediately, but could not do anything as he said that Ayo continued with his violent reaction despite the presence of the law enforcement agents.

See pictures of the scene below.

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