Mercineries or columnists?

By Steve Aborisade

Deliberately promoting speculations as facts, from a deceptive position they’ll rather want you to imagine as vantage.

They pontificate with their jaundiced version of truth which they’ll rather have us swallow.

With their moral deficits, they sit on the Boards of media houses simply for influence, without regards to the truth and, with little or no consideration for human rights – or how do you interpret being on the Board of a media house that won’t pay her reporters and still think you are qualified to brandish a moral opinion on others?

Our democracy shall definitely outlive these mercenaries of the pen posing as journalists, but, in the real sense are mere peddlers for special interests, with persuasion to only what comes to their pockets and, which advances their public perception as opinion shapers, even if fraudulently.

Steve Aborisade is a Public Affairs Analyst

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