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NGO holds webinar on COVID – 19 survival tips

A nongovernmental humanitarian organisation, World Humanitarian Organisation for Peace and Equity (WHOPE), is set to hold a webinar on survival tips in the face of coronavirus pandemic.

The webinar with topic: “COVID19 Survival Tips: For the Kids, Adults, and the Aged” will hold tomorrow, Friday 17 July, 2020 by 7:00am (Pacific Time).

The webinar will be moderated by WHOPE Amb. James Mercy Obatunmibi, it will also feature book launch.

Discussants at the webinar are:
Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies – Author/Poet
Intro: Why these Poetry Books? Aims and Aspiration.

  1. Lady Alicia Hamilton – USA – HOST
    Survival Tips: For Kids and Adults
  2. Amb. Andrew Williams Jr. – USA
    Tips: Adults and frontliners as Doctors and Nurses
  3. Valerie Wood-Gaiger BME – Goodwill Ambassador. – Survival UK: Tips: For Adults, and the Aged.
  4. Engr. (Dr.) Yemisi Joy Oladejo – U.I, Nigeria
    Survival Tips: For All , and Biblical Counsel.
  5. Dr. Bieye R. Briggs – Medical Doctor, Nigeria
    Survival Tips: For Kids, Adults, and the Aged and whenever there are any symptoms.
  6. Comrade Yaw Benedict – Ghana
    Survival Tips: For Kids as in The Children’s Poetry Book.
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