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Nigerians roast Buahri’s aide over tweet on fuel increase

By Amidu Arije

It was not what he thought he would get form his usual posts on government policies and actions that he got when the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba tweeted a newspaper publication of cost of fuel during the Goodluck Jonathan administration in comparison to what is officially obtainable now.

Garba had tweeted a Punch Newspaper publication where fuel was sold at N600 in 2013 as a result of scarcity of the product.

Garba Shehu had tweeted on his verified account @GarShehu thus:
“Don’t allow the PDP to deceive you. Amidst acute shortages, they sold petrol at N600 per litre on Easter Sunday in 2013 (See Punch published on that day).”

His tweeter does not however go down well with Nigerians as they rant against his posts with different tweets.

A Twitter user, iCON Tosin Olugbenga @TosinOlugbenga tweeted with pictures of publication of fuel sold at N600 in 2017 and 2019 as a result of border closure and other factors iCON Tosin Olugbenga Replying @TosinOlugbenga to @GarShehu tweeted thus:
Dear Garba Shehu,
Are you aware that fuel also sold for ₦600 in December 2017 and recently in November 2019.
Both under #APC & Buhari.
But in your attempt to justify the hardship and suffering of Nigerians you only make reference to 2013 of PDP.

Another Twitter user Engr. Adams A. Balade @BaladeAdams Replying to @GarShehu
“Sir, despite the fact I still have some iota of believe in this regime of APC. It is totally uncalled for when you bring up the past. I think we are tired of this blame game of APC. To be plain, we never expected this. We only hope on God to ease the sufferings of the masses.”

Also Benson @Beno_sky69 Replying to @GarShehu tweeted:
@GarShehu is this a way of justifying the increase in fuel pump price? Was the N600 official price? You should cover your face in shame. Apc was voted for all its promises, and here we are today.

This is what Asiru ABBAS @AsiruAbbas said of the tweet:
“How can the country move forward when you have this kind of person in position of authority? Black market rate and official rate, are they the same?”

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