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NYCN Lagos West Coordinators Call for Resignation of VC Over Abuse of Office

By Amidu Arije

Coordinators of the Lagos West District of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) have asked the Vice-Chairman Comr. Jamiu Ademosu (aka Emjay) to resign his position or face the wrath of the law over abuse of office.

In a message released on behalf of the other coordinators by Comr.Olaleye Adeleye Abdulhameed Coordinator, NYCN Mosan-Okunola, accused Ademosu of accepting to serve as the Coordinator of Obasa Youth Alliance – a politically motivated position, a move they refer to as tantamount to gross abuse of office as VC of the District.

Olaleye said the acceptance of the offer by Ademosu is not only condemnable but also embarrassing to the NYCN Lagos West District.

“On behalf of all coordinators in Lagos West, I write to condemn vehemently the abuse of office involving the incumbent Vice-Chairman, Lagos-west District of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Comr. Ademosu Jamiu (aka Emjay) by accepting to serve as the Coordinator of Obasa Youth Alliance- a politically motivated position. It is not only condemnable but also embarrassing that such exonerated position of the youth council can be abused without a second thought,” he said.

Given reasons why Ademosu must not be allowed to take the position, Olaleye said if allowed it will not only destroy the council but will also not allow him to be fair and objective in criticising public office holders when they err.

He said, “the vice-chairman is more like the chairman of the Lagos-west district who should be guiding and guarding the council’s constitution that stated clearly that the council is non-political. Or how exactly will he be able to call to order erring members who are politicising the council for cheap gains?

This abuse of office must not be allowed to stand as it will not only destroy the council but of course prevent due process and obstruct the council from calling political office holders to order when they are wrong in their relationship with the people whom we are supposed to be accountable to.

If this abuse of office is allowed to stand, it will set a precedence that can hunt us for a long time as a council because the Vice-chairman will be forced to engage in a double standard. The Vice-chairman must remember that he pledged to the council at his swearing-in that he will not allow his personal interest to override the council’s responsibility as the Vice-chairman. This part of the constitution is now been desecrated and by extension, the entire council will turn a joke. If he was never the Vice-chairman, he might not have gotten that position. So, he shouldn’t tell us that it is a personal recognition being in the same local government with the aspirant for which the organization was formed.”

The Coordinators give the Chairman, NYCN Lagos Chapter, Comr. Sulaiman Biliyamin Oba, 48-hours to call Ademosu to order to either quit the position of. Coordinator of Obasa Youth Alliance or resign as VC Lagos-west.

“If the aspirant wishes to take advantage of the VC’s position to boost his political ambition, it is expected as a politician but a Vice-chairman that swore an oath to the council should have respected himself by possibly resigning from his position before accepting such. Who knows if this is the reason he worked his way into that office in the first place. Now that he has refused to step aside, I call on the Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Lagos Chapter, Comr. Sulaiman Biliyamin Oba to expedite action by doing the needful before the council will fail and fall under his watch. The chairman has only 48 hours to take action, else we will assume that he is in the know of this abuse of office.

The council is ours and it will remain ours if and only if the right thing is done at every material time. We shall be expecting the right reaction from the Chairman within the period stated. Time is ticking!”

Other signatories to the release are; Comr. Babatunde Opeyemi Yusuf, Coordinator, NYCN Alimosho; Comr. Olaoye Femi, Coordinator, NYCN Agbado-Oke-odo; Comr. Olaifa G. B, Coordinator, NYCN Ayobo-Ipaja; Comr. Adefowope, Coordinator, NYCN Egbe- ldimu; Comr. Promise lsreal Coordinator, NYCN Igando-Ikotun; Comr. Afonja Abdulkabir Ishola, Coordinator, NYCN Odi-Olowo-Ojuwoye; Comr. Adewole Saliu, Coordinator, NYCN Isolo.

Others are Comr. Oluwasegun Etiko, Coordinator, NYCN Oshodi-Isolo; Comr. Aladeotan David Sunday, Coordinator, NYCN Badagry West; Comr. Yehwenu Abiodun Peter, Coordinator, NYCN Badagry and Comr. Ashade Abdulsalam, Coordinator, NYCN Olorunda.

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