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Pandemonium as Man forcefully removes woman’s Hijab, strips her naked in Ikorodu

A fresh crisis is brewing in Igbogbo, Ikorodu area of Lagos over the report of one Baba Moria Kara, who attacked a Muslim woman, Hajiah Morufa Apatira Adebara, forcefully removed her Hijab and stripped her naked.

Muslims News findings revealed that the ugly incident happened on Wednesday when Apatira-Adebara was dragged out of her house and molested by Baba Moria.

Problem started when Kara’s daughter went to fetch water inside the Muslim woman’s premises and was challenged for intruding into the premises without taking permission or greeting the occupants.

According to an eye-witness, who preferred not to be mentioned, “the lady in question is among other neighbours who usually come to fetch water in the premises. There has been complaints that she is rude and doesn’t greet anyone, anytime she comes in.

“On Wednesday, she came again with her usual habit without greeting anyone. Hajiah then accosted the girl, asking why she didn’t greet anyone, but the girl didn’t respond. Hajiah pressed further and said she won’t let the girl go with the water if she refused to greet, but the girl remained adamant. This made Hajiah to seize the bucket and pour the water away.

“The girl left in annoyance to report the incident to her father who is known as Baba Moria Kara. Consequently, he went over to the house to confront Hajiah for daring to pour his daughter’s water away, rather than just scolding his stubborn daughter for her refusal to greet the household where she had gone to fetch water.

“As Baba Moria got there, the Hijabi woman quickly went in to dress properly, wearing her khimar over a light underwear she had on before. The man deliberately created a scene in the premises, expecting Hajiah to come out, but Hajiah refused to come out, knowing what Baba Moria could do. But, surprisingly, Baba Moria forced his way into Hajiah’s room and dragged her out with her Hijab, before pulling it off.

“He didn’t stop at that, he went further to pull Hajiah’s underwear (bra) off as well and this escalated into a bigger issue, attracting the attention of people in the neighborhood, who were all surprised at the madness exhibited by Mr Kara,” the source said.

Muslim News gathered that Hajiah Apatira-Adebara’s husband had left for his workplace when the incident happened.

When he returned and was informed about the incident, he became furious and decided to take up the matter.

“The Baale of the area quickly intervened and invited both parties for a meeting. After the meeting, he advised them to settle the matter amicably but Hajiah Morufa’s family declined, insisting that it’s a case of assault and the man must face the full wrath of the law. Besides, what he did was an assault against the Islamic faith,” another source, who is privy to the outcome of the meeting said.

Muslim News findings revealed that the matter was later reported to the Igbogbo Police Station and the culprit was declared wanted after fleeing his residence with his wife and children.

A concerned Muslim, Ismail Dada, said, “while on the run, a member of Onyabo security outfit in Ikorodu who is also aware of the incident apprehended him, handcuffed him and took him to Igbogbo Police Station where he had been declared wanted for interrogation.

“Baba Moria was apprehended but to our surprise, the man that brought him to the station was also detained for carrying out the arrest singlehandedly without notifying the police or head of the Onyabo security outfit,” he said.

Muslim News reliably gathered that the two have been bailed, but there is palpable fear among the Muslim community in the Igbogbo area of Ikorodu that the police might frustrate the case in favour of the assaulter, following reports that he has a close relationship with the head of the Onyabo security outfit.

Muslim News correspondent was at the Igbogbo police station on Monday but efforts to speak with the DPO in charge proved abortive.

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