By Zainab Muftau

Although rape is a criminal offence but sadly it is one of the many offences that do not get the deserved punishment. Not because it is liberal with it or because some of the offenders always bribe their ways to invade justice, but most importantly because the victims have refused to talk, they have choose to remain silence. This hurts.

Predating silence and stigmatisation have been the order of the day. My question is “Are victims of rape truly stigmatized?”. If yes what is the degree compared to the mental trauma they suffer; what effect will these have in their lives in the nearest future?.

This will later affect the society will live in. Why not let us embrace them with love and encourage them to open up, who knows who the next victim would be.

I think the problem is from genesis; from our various homes. How close are parents to their children? What do you know about your child’s bestfriend, every parent claims to love their children but most go to work in the morning and never return until very late at night, sincerely they have more time for their job than their future. As a parent have you ever thought of organizing an in-house training /discussion on basic life issues like sexuality, friendship, academic excellence and the likes for your children and their friends? Even if you cannot handle it by yourself, you can get some people who are good in such areas to help you. From time to time, find out the state of the relationship between your children and their close friends, apart from your children, who are the other friends kept by their close friends?. This is because the friend of our friend is also our friend.

Though provocative dressing may also be blamed when it finally hatched the urge and make the rapist behave like an animal he is.

The victims was raped the day we all contribute our quota to sexually dilute society; the day the parents didn’t separate the beddings of siblings of opposite sex. The day a father or mother didn’t complain about their daughter’s mini skirt. The day television was brought into our homes and our children consume direct and indirect lessons on reason why women should be sex objects. The day we saw siblings listening to songs laced with everything under the skirt but we kept mute.

The victims were raped the day our women are no longer contented with their dresses until it makes a man hungry and fantasies about what the dresses covered. The victims was raped the day immodest dressing becomes a norms.
The victims was raped the day we no longer encourage young men to lower their gaze, the day we become mature, shaking and hugging the opposite sex do not mean anything. The day we no longer encourage early marriage.

The victims was raped the day we all decided to be like the saner climes and freely post the pictures of our nakedness. How can we. Be so hypocritical; We want to be free like people in other countries regarding how we dress, the music we listen to and movies we watch. But we don’t want to have the same rape cases as them, how is that possible?.
Even when they have many rape cases in their country we still chose them as our model in terms of fashion and entertainment.

We all need to come together as one, to make our dear country “NIGERIA” great and also bring back the love, happiness, joy, smile and unity that it once enjoyed. Let brings out the hero in us.

Your life is a message to the world, make it Inspiring….

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