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Re: Enilolobo; Captain of A sinking Ship

I read in dismay the degrading level of ignorance, twist, distorted facts, lies and manipulation of truth about the personality and person of Abdullai Enilolobo. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.

There is no iota of truth from the title, content and conclusion in the write up, it’s all but lies and figment of imagination of the writer and means of diverting the attention of the public to some basic facts.
“Iduro o si, ibere o si fun eni to gbodo mi”. Obasa “has murdered sleep and shall sleep no more”.

In the words of Napoleon Hill “Men may leave behind them Monuments of Marble without struggle, hardship and failure but those who would build monuments in the hearts of their fellowmen, where neither the disintegrating forces of the elements nor the degrading hands of man can destroy them must pay the price in sacrifice and in struggle”. Enilolobo has paid the price in Sacrifice and in Struggle and does not need to contest and lobby for any political office to impart humanity and mankind.

How does holding an elected or appointed office made one a better person ahead of those not holding political office? Obasa should be tutored that the Party is Supreme and without the platform given by the Party which Enilolobo is the State Organizing Secretary, nobody would have heard of Obasa’ s name; so its just like a boy riding on his father’s name. Party stand as father while Obasa a political elected officer stand as a son. So, in all ramifications Enilolobo is Superior to Obasa.

The percentage of the elected and appointed political office holders in Nigeria today is less than 3% of the total population so equating the achievements of Obasa (whom we all know how he amassed his wealth) to Enilolobo is baseless. EFCC has even brought some unknown properties belonging to Mudashiru to the public knowledge. I won’t say much on that but will keep my fingers crossed.

Let’s even assume without conceding that all the lies were right!
The questions now are? Is being a vulcanizer illegitimate?
Is renting a room apartment or even squatting a crime?

It was a documented fact that Ejigbadero Ishola (Snr) was a murderer and was sentenced to death by firing squad. It was also a fact that the name used as an alibi to murder late Raji Oba was the same Abiodun Ejigbadero Ishola who is now a professional land grabber.

It is also on record that his mother, a successful business woman, had shops in the popular Daleko Market and even built her house 27 years ago before moving into Alimosho. We challenge anybody with a contrary fact to prove it. Alimisho is not a place where you cannot verify your facts.

Comparing a son (Ejibadero) born with the gene of a notorious land grabber and murderer to a honourable gene ( Enilolobo) born by noble parents is comparing hell fire with paradise; the distance is wide.

It is amazing seeing Obasa and Ejigbadero working pari-passu. Only time shall tell what we become of them.

Hon Kehinde Joseph had done justice to the lies in the past by refuting the claim that he introduced Enilolobo to politics and this has also proven us right and exposed their lies.

Enilolobo is truly popular, resourceful and effective, a reality many attest to and appreciate. His followers and footsoldiers have no cause to worry because his main concern has always been about the welfare of his people and the development of Alimosho and Lagos State. He’s not a kleptomaniac like Obasa whose trade mark is power and position.

Obasa spent Millions of the Lagos Tax Payers money in fighting for tenure elongation as the Chairman of Conference of Speakers and was shocked a month and half to the expiration of his tenure despite the heavy money spent when he was played out. And till date, he is still counting his losses.

Enilolobo is a staunch and practising Muslim and will never involve himself in Oath taking. On this note; the Council Chairmen have debunked this as well, so no need to go into that.

Alimosho phenomena and the mystery of our unity, steadfastness, obedience in carrying out all directives given by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the leadership of the Progressives Party without any setback or challenges baffle Mudashiru and his cohorts who have failed severally in replicating Alimosho success in Agege by stampeding the leadership of Prof Babatunde Samuel.

Finally, we await the newly paid fifty (50) bloggers engaged by Obasa to see if they will change the known facts, houses exposed by EFCC, Lagos State anti graft law which he hurriedly put in place to protect him from the EFCC and other anti graft agencies.
In all, Obasa is so myopic to see that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria spells out the functions of each tier of government.

Written by Kazeem Babatunde, a resident of Alimosho Local Government

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