Six things Nigeria’s Vice President can not do

According to the Nigeria Constitution, the Vice President can not do any of the following except on the Orders of the President.

  1. FIRE APPOINTEES: VP cannot fire any appointee even if they’re found wanting. he will have to wait for president.
  2. ORDER THE MILITARY: President apart from being the head of the executive arm of government is also the C-in-C of the armed forces. Put succinctly, President is the only civilian that the military takes orders from.
  3. APPOINTMENTS: the VP cannot make any appointment, Act establishing most government agencies and departments state expressly that “the President shall appoint.” Even the VP’s personal staffers are appointees of the President, only seconded to his office.
  4. WRITE THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: Unlike the United States where the Vice-President is also the Senate President, Nigeria’s VPs doesn’t have any dealings with the Office of the Senate President except when the Vice-President is acting as the President.
  5. SIGN BILLS: Vice president can’t sign bills (he can only sign bills if acting as president
  6. DECLARE WAR/STATE OF EMERGENCY: Section 305 of the Constitution states expressly that only the President can declare a state of emergency or war.
    The above are what the vice president can’t do unless he is acting President or acting on the order of the President.
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