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Prof Michael Ogueke

There is no major town in the North that doesn’t have at least 1,000 churches. Some more populous major Northern towns have between 2 – 5 thousand churches.
And these numbers do not include Christain schools in the North.
There is no town in the South East or South South (excluding Edo) that has up to 50 mosques no matter how big it is & Islamic schools are non-existent in many.
Even in Edo & the South West that have significant Moslem populations, I am yet to see a town there that has 500 mosques.
It is therefore, the height of inferiority complex that borders on godlessness, lack of sincere faith & deep knowledge of the God we serve as well as deceitful wicked mischief with satanic intent to stir up bloodshed when we Christians in Nigeria claim religious persecution, marginalization & Islamization whereas in actual fact, we Christians are the ones pushing from every corner of the country to Christianize Nigeria with our godless greed driven commercial proliferation of churches & schools for material gains & profits.
There is no mega church in Nigeria that has a target of establishing less than 100,000 churches with schools every year all over Nigeria. Some like Winners have & equally celebrate lavishishly the establishment of 500,000 churches with schools around Nigeria yearly while some like Redeem have as a matter of documented policy & vision the establishment of a church within 5 minutes walking distance everywhere in Nigeria.
How those who have committed themselves to a commercial Christianization of Nigeria through their commercialization of God’s salvation, mercies, favours & grace turn back to fabricate or contrive intolerance from others, then scream persecution & Islamization is beyond me!
God is more than capable of fighting for Himself & doesn’t require the help of mere sinful mortals.
Let us – Christians & Moslems quit dragging God’s name into our greedy enterprise & satanic bloodthirsty agenda.
This latest attempt to destroy another shinning light in Nigeria will not fly.
Una don finish with Abba Kyari & in less than a week has moved to Zulum using religious intolerance.
Who will be next in this our pathetic descent into a nation that takes sickening great pleasure & pride in devouring its best, elevating & rewarding its worst?
The amount of energy, time, resources & blood we waste fighting for God who doesn’t need our help, if we put one quarter of that into fighting our personal character flaws, mental laziness, oversized entitlement on everything in life for free, failures & challenges as individuals & as a nation, Nigeria will become a paradise for all.

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