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Things to know about the vagina

  1. Vagina discharge is normal: Normal vagina discharge is usually clear or milky and has no unpleasant smell. Increased vagina secretions can be physiological (ovulation, pregnancy) or caused by infections.
  2. Because the PH of the vagina is acidic, it causes discoloration of underwear.
  3. Sperm can modify the PH and smell of the vagina.
  4. It is not safe to use deodorants, wipes, sprays or practice douching.
  5. The vagina cleans itself.
  6. Having sex has no correlation with “how” tight the vagina is. It’s a muscular as well as an elastic structure.
  7. Fungal infections are common! Some of our everyday habits/lifestyle predisposes us to yeast infection, e.g diet filled with refined carbohydrates and increase sugar intake, wearing tight underwears or tight clothings, use of scented or unscented feminine products, douching,
    Wearing of non- cotton pants or underwear, stress etc.
  8. The best thing you can do for your vagina is to leave it alone.
  9. If you have unusual vagina discharge color or it has a foul smell, visit a gynecologist, do not self medicate.
  10. Always urinate after sex to help rinse the urinary tract and prevent UTI.
  11. Drink a lot of water
  12. Wear cotton pants or underwears. The use of silk, lace, satin underwear can irritate the vulva and modify the ph.
  13. The vagina is an internal cavity, the area outside is the vulva. Never use soaps inside the vagina.
  14. The vagina environment is usually aggressive for sperm, except when ovulating and the PH becomes alkaline to guarantee that the sperm makes it way to meet the eggs.
  15. Lastly, let your vagina breathe.
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