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Uganda Elections: International Youth Parliament President, Nwadigos, calls for free, fair elections

By Amidu Arije

As the Ugandans go to the poll to elect new president, the President of the International Youth Parliament (IYP), Hon. Promise Anurika Nwadigos has called for free fair and transparent elections in the country.

The Ugadan election is being contested by Yoweri Museveni who is seeking sith term in office against a pop star, Bob Wine.

Museveni is seeking a sixth term in office, having ruled for almost four decades, against singer-turned-MP Bobi Wine, 38, whose popularity among a youthful population has rattled the former rebel leader.

In a stateme issued in Lome, Togo and made available to newsmen on Thursday, Nwadigos, said any form of rigging in tje election process will be rejected by all youths.

The International Youth President stated further that he is sending a direct warning to the Ugandan president, discouraging him against any plans of elections rigging, stating plans are being made if he refuses to heed to the voice of the Ugandan people.

He said, “The Ugandan security chiefs fretting about this statement shows they are planning to rig the elections and they should be warned that the International Youth parliament and Ugandan people will no longer accept the outcome of any fraudulent polls. Those who incite the people are those who steal their mandate.

“What the IYP President made is a conditional press release. If A happens, then B will follow. That means if elections are not rigged by the end of today, there will be no problem. It is therefore laughable for any African leader to always feel they can intimidate and marginalize great promising young leaders in the Continent, adding that there is no higher evil than the subversion of the people’s will.

Nwadigos said it is common knowledge that anywhere in the world where elections have been rigged, the consequences have been dire, and Uganda will not be an exception.

“Let me remind the Ugandan president as the African youth voice, in case he has forgotten, that election fraud triggered a civil war in Algeria in the early 1990s, led to the killing of over 1,000 people in post-election riots in Kenya in 2007/2008 and fired a near revolution in Iran in 2009/2010. Electoral frauds also corrupt democracy and breed dictatorship, and risks making the people to lose confidence in democracy. Why then would any government react violently if warned against election rigging?” the IYP boss queried.


He said instead of brutalising the opposition supporters and sending security to harass and stripe naked his opponents wife in the presence of his little son, the president should simply brace up to ensure that today elections are not only free, fair and credible, but are seen to be so by Ugandans and the international community.

Nwadigos said it is necessary to constantly warn the Ugandan president and his dictatorship Government not to tamper with today polls because of their penchant for electoral desperation, which manifests in the intimidation of the opposition and the militarization of election, disposition to anarchy and propensity for impunity.

Nwadigos said already, the process leading to today’s polls are flawed, with moves to disenfranchise millions of Ugandans by making it impossible for them to either register or get their vote counted and the plot to depopulate the strongholds of the opposition.

“The incumbent Ugandan president and the governments are sired, especially at the centre, are lawless and anarchic. That’s why they can unleash the police against the innocent Ugandan people in an attempt to remain in power.

“Because it is said that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, we are today urging the president and the Ugandan Government not to tamper with today’s presidential election. We will constantly chide him for trying to institutionalize dictatorship and impunity. The youth cannot and will not be intimidated by an uptight presidency.

“All we are demanding is a free, fair and credible election. All we are saying is that no one should incite the Ugandan people by stealing their mandate,” he said

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