Rape is now a daily occurrence that is devastating;

to the victim, to the rapist, and to the society.

To the victim, she is left in pain that lingers on for long

Her self-esteem has been affected as she walks with her head buried each time she is on the streets.

Some are left traumatized and live the rest of their lives in stigmatization; sometimes lead them to commit suicide.

To the rapist, he is not left out of the destruction he brought upon her because when he is finally exposed,

he brings shame upon himself, his family and the worst punishment is
given to him,

then what’s the gain of
a rapist that can’t also live a normal life in an ideal society.

Our society is now so rotten to the extent that a father rapes his daughter,
What a pity!
Children are left wandering about the street because they were born from unwanted pregnancies by girls
and women who were not ready to
become a mother and these children
grow up to become a menace in society.

Parents should teach their sons

right moral values and to respect women

Our society should shun the production of movies, songs, and programs that
promote sexual violence.

We say no to rape for it is against our religion, humanity and it destroys
the life of the victim, the rapist, and leaves tears on everyone’s face.

Let us all embrace the teachings of our religion and rise to say no
to rape; it starts with you and I.

Written by
Waseelah Ogido
200 level
Law student
Ahmad Bello University
Kelu Hussein Fareedah
100 level
Accounting Student, BUK
For Young Leaders Forum, MSSN Ikeja Area Council

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