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We will be the last to allow Isreali plane fly through our skies – Kuwait

Kuwait has said it is end of the air passage for Isreali planes on its skies as it will never allow its planes pass through to the United Arab Emirate.

Recall that, UAE recently mend a diplomatic relations with Isreali government which allows the two long time foes to become friends, this relationship has been condemend by many Middleeast countries criticising UAE for such bilateral relationships.

To make real its threat, Kuwait has refused to allow an Israeli plane heading to the UAE to fly through its skies, stressing that no Israeli planes will ever use its airspace, Quds Press reported yesterday.

According to the news site, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Qabas reported government sources saying: “Israeli planes will never fly over Kuwait’s skies to reach the UAE.”

The sources said that the new route between Israel and the UAE “does not pass through Kuwait, but through another country,” stressing the route is far from Kuwait.

Al Qabas reported the sources saying that the reports about Kuwait permitting the Israeli flight to pass through its skies “are completely false”.

“Kuwait will be the last state to normalise relations with Israel,” a source was quoted by Al Qabas saying earlier this week.

On Monday, the first Israeli plane landed in Abu Dhabi after taking off from Tel Aviv and flying through Saudi airspace.

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