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Why We Arrest Okada Riders – Lagos Task Force

The Lagos State Task Force, an arm of government purposely made to enforce complaint on traffic in Lagos has given detailed accounts of what transpired at the 2nd Rainbow bus stop of Oshodi – Apapa Expressway, Mile 2 on Tuesday that lead to fight between the okada riders and the Task Force.

According to a statement by the Head, Public Affairs Unit, Adebayo Taofiq, the Task Force responded to series of complains from the public that miscreants used okada to rob them on daily basis on the highways and that some of them have taken to use of one way on the roads causing accidents and plying of restricted areas.
Adebayo said the Task Force afyet it impounded about 74 okadas caught on the highway and on restructed areas, the okada riders mobilised themselves to attack the Task Force which lead to a serious damaged of vehicles and injuring of personnel.

He said, “Yes, the operatives of the Agency based of series of complaints from the public about activities of these Okada riders using their bikes to rob them of their valuables and plying restricted routes as well went out to the area for Enforcement.

After impounding about 74 Okada caught plying one-way and those operating on highway, Okada riders mobilised themselves and attacked officers of the Agency

They damaged beyond repair 2 of our vehicles with one of our truck.

A Paramilitary officer attached to the Agency (Ganiyu Mustspha) was wounded with broken bottles and Cutlass because he mistakenly ran into the mob.

Since the EndSARS protest every motorists including Okada riders operates with impunity thereby causing serious traffic gridlock across the State.

Damaged Taskforce Vehicle
Seized Okadas

We had a stakeholders meeting with their Okada leaders and they made us to understand that all those flagrantly disobeying the laws are not responsible to any associations in Lagos.

We must all join hands together to salvage the State from the hands of these notorious criminals who uses Okada to perpetuate evil to the public.”

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